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Protecting the Well-Being of our
Team, Community & Environment

Health, Safety &

At CCU, we know that nothing is more important than ensuring the health and safety of our employees. Every day, our team members work tirelessly to build, extract, and produce the raw materials that drive our economy. And we recognize that their hard work comes with inherent risks.

That’s why we take the safety and wellness of our team seriously at every level of our organization. We prioritize the well-being of our employees and continuously work to create a culture of both safety and responsibility that permeates every aspect of our operations.

We also believe that environmental awareness and stewardship are critical to our success. We are committed to finding environmentally responsible ways to help meet our nation’s energy needs.

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Environmental Awareness and Stewardship

Protecting Our Natural Resources

By being mindful of our environmental impact, we help ensure that our natural resources are available to power future generations.

Building Stronger Communities

By continuously working to minimize our impact, we help create a healthier and more sustainable environment, while enhancing the economy in our communities.

Regulatory Compliance

At CCU, our standard is to not only meet federal, state and local environmental regulations, but exceed them whenever possible.

CCU at a Glance

CCU Coal & Construction, LLC is a diverse company specializing in heavy machinery earthwork, while helping sustain the natural environment through safe, responsible construction, mining, and reclamation.