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Our Company

CCU Coal and Construction has over 50 years of experience in the mining and construction industry. We are dedicated to providing unmatched value to our customers drawing on our diverse range of expertise, which includes heavy machinery earthwork, mining, and reclamation. Our team of highly skilled professionals has been recognized with numerous state and national awards for their outstanding performance in safety and environmental practices.

As a company, we have invested in modern equipment that enables us to carry out large-scale projects with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to excellence is evident in all our operations, from the reclamation of abandoned mine lands to supplying aggregate and coal to power our nation’s economy. We believe that our success is founded in our ability to deliver high quality products and services while prioritizing the safety of our employees and the environment.

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Our Core Values

Safety First,
Safety Always

We believe that every employee has the right to work in a safe environment, and we are committed to achieving zero harm in all our operations.

We prioritize safety in every aspect of our work and continuously strive to identify and eliminate potential hazards.

People Matter.

At CCU, we believe that people matter. From our employees to our vendors and customers, we understand that everyone plays an essential role in our success and are committed to treating everyone with respect, dignity, and integrity.


As a company that relies on natural resources, we understand the importance of preserving the environment. We believe that responsible environmental stewardship is essential to our long-term success as a company.

Operating With


Reflecting on Over 50 Years in Business

CCU Coal and Construction, LLC is founded on a core set of values and has been serving the construction and mining industries for over 50 years. We are committed to operating with integrity in everything we do.

We believe our employees are our most important asset, and we believe that safety is paramount. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. We are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. We believe that operating with integrity is essential to our success, and this allows us to build strong relationships with our customers, employees, and community partners.