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CCU utilizes innovative approaches to enhance and accelerate environmental recovery on its reclamation projects. The success at these sites has resulted in numerous state and national awards for excellence in reclamation including three highly prestigious awards presented by the US Department of the Interior.

In addition, CCU has completed specific projects awarded by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources as part of their Abandoned Mine Land reclamation work. Environmental stewardship is a key component of CCU’s operations.

CCU has reclaimed thousands of acres of previously unreclaimed land adjacent to the coal and limestone that we are mining today.

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At CCU, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and preserving the natural resources surrounding our operations. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our operations align with the highest environmental standards and regulations. Prioritizing environmental stewardship enables us to leave a positive legacy for future generations while still meeting the needs of today’s energy and construction demands.

Our Environmental Reclamation Process

CCU Coal and Construction project site

Step 1

Reclaiming a previously mined site is an important process that involves several stages. The first stage is backfilling, where the high wall of the site is pushed down using heavy machinery. This process involves filling up the voids left behind by the removal of coal and rock, ensuring that the surface of the site is reestablished, and all slopes are stabilized.

CCU Coal and Construction project site

Step 2

The next stage involves grading the area with growing medium to set the base for the grass and vegetation. This step ensures that the soil has the necessary nutrients and texture required to support the growth of vegetation.

CCU Coal and Construction project site

Step 3

Step three is seeding and mulching to allow the growth of grass in the reclaimed area. This involves planting seeds using specialized equipment, along with the application of mulch, which helps to retain moisture, prevent soil erosion, and create a stable environment for plant growth.

CCU Coal and Construction project site

Step 4

Enjoy. The process of reclaiming a previously mined site is a combination of detailed planning, safety and our team’s experience to ensure that the site is restored to its natural state for everyone to enjoy.